Virtual Tourism in Travel exploration

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Virtual Tourism in Travel exploration

Virtual Tourism in Travel exploration
Have you thought of how you can enjoy tourism in these days of physical distancing? Are you still unsure about mixing up with people and still want to experience beautiful tourist attractions?
Great! We have you in mind and created a collection of all the top tourist locations at your favorite countries to explore.

What is Virtual Tourism?

Virtual online tourism can be used to capture tourism destinations in a unique and immersive way using video. This is achieved using specialist cameras, rigs, and software. It is a video that shows tour destinations, bringing tourism to your door step. The finished content can then be viewed on either a regular computer or mobile device.

What is Aspom Virtual Online Tour?

It is simply using online virtual reality to help you experience selected tourist sites remotely from the comfort of your home.

We have selected fun locations in various cities of the world and we are pleased to inform you that you can still experience fun virtually without breaking the bank.

What are the benefit of AVOT?
  • It is a safe way to enjoy tourism and beautiful scenery.
  • Saves money and time; You do not need to travel physically to your choice destination. Saves you flight cost and travel time.
  • Educative; Learn about a country even before you travel there. You can also get basic ideas to prepare you for your interview at the embassy.
  • Entertaining; What’s better than learning a new thing? Learning it with great entertainment! Enjoy great entertainment while watching our virtual tours.
  • Innovative; Virtual tourism is one of the best innovations in these times of health cautions and travel restrictions. Partake in virtual tourism today and embrace innovation.
  • Gives you experience of a location without physical appearance.
  • Serves as your tour guide.
  • It gives you idea of a destination before you even visit.

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