All about Jamaica

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All about Jamaica

All about Jamaica

Tell us about Jamaica - your best experiences, your advice, your laughs, even your tears. From your most recent Jamaica trip, to a Jamaican vacation way in the past - we want to hear about it. Whether you're a Jamaican or a visitor - we would love to share in your experience.

It could be something in the language, a photo, a joke, even a story you have written, let's have it!

And if you have a question about the island that you don't mind sharing with the public, this is the place to ask.

Take, for instance, the photo above. This is just a picture of my front yard, taken one morning as the sun was rising. You know how many people are happy to see a garden like this? We sometimes have bridal parties coming to take their wedding photos in our yard. The point is, we see it as ordinary, when in fact the world sees it as something special.

The same thing goes for your experiences - what may seem like a non-event to you, might be really interesting to someone else. 

We love trivia, so if you feel like being silly, don't hold back. Have you ever been in a situation that makes you shake your head and say "Only in Jamaica!"? I tell you, I've had some experiences that make me wonder if I'm in outer space!

And then there are those times that compel you to give thanks that you are in this wonderful place. We'd like to know about moments like that.
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